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Learn French anywhere in the world with your personal French tutor

calling you from France

Telephone courses are an excellent way to learn a language. Linguistica’s courses are designed specially for you and adapted to your language level, your needs and your objectives. Your own private tutor calls you at your home or office, at a time suitable to you, for your individual phone lesson. Each lesson takes place in a friendly atmosphere. We offer three different types of telephone courses:
You learn at your own rhythm and choose the number of lessons you would like per week. We will call you free of charge in most European countries, the USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Hong Kong, China, Taiwan, etc. by phone (at a land line number).
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25-minute    or    45-minute telephone lessons. The   course   is   focused   on spoken      French.      It      is perfect    if    you    want    to acquire   a   good   knowledge of the French language.

Telephone + e-mail

25-minute telephone lessons + 35-minute e-mail sessions. A    very    effective    way    to learn   spoken   and   written French      with      telephone lessons   followed   by   e-mail sessions.


25-minute    or    45-minute conversation   sessions   to improve      your      spoken French         and         your knowledge      of      French culture    and    the    French way of life.
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Learn French
by phone
with your personal  French tutor calling  you from France